Our Values

Our Values


To be Australia’s premier logistics operation; driven by continuous improvement and exceptional customer service.


A dynamic, forward thinking provider of integrated logistics and storage solutions, built on a culture of collaboration, innovation and continual improvement.


At the core of ICL’s success is a shared culture of pride in our history, people, ingenuity and achievements.

We will instil and model honesty in all interactions between our colleagues and our clients.

We will act with integrity at all times and will continually strive to be honest, ethical and genuine ambassadors for the business.

We will foster a culture of mutual respect and empathy in everything we do and everyone we work with.


With a commitment to being Australia’s premier logistics operation, ICL strategically manages all aspects of safety, health, reliability, environment and efficiency under a framework of industry best practice.
ICL’s outstanding track record of occupational health and safety has its foundations in the training, mentoring and education program that is modelled, managed and operated by a dedicated OH&S Manager. A program of regular training educates and updates employees on the latest safety requirements and industry best practice.
ICL’s unwavering commitment to safe work practices and service excellence provides a critical competitive advantage in the way our employees conduct themselves. This directly translates to the delivery of effective, efficient and safe operations that strive to exceed customer expectations.
This commitment is reflected in the ICL CARE Code that suggests:

• We CARE about our staff - that they are treated with respect, have pride in and
enjoy their workplace and go home safely every day.

• We CARE about our customers and their success.

• We CARE about our performance in meeting and exceeding customer expectations
and delivering on our promise.

• We CARE about our suppliers and the honest, transparent relationships that we
have with them.

• We CARE about being profitable.

At ICL our mission is to be Australia’s premier logistics operation; driven by continuous improvement
and exceptional customer service.